Heemang Emotional Wellness

Our therapeutic approach

We practice without judgement.
We develop realistic goals and give our clients the opportunity to try out what works in their personal situations the best.
We accept relapse as a part of the journey.
We combine holistic nutrition with mindful practices, as well as CBT and NLP.
We take our approach to the next level and we also hold our sessions in a “real world” environment such as home, restaurants, parties, grocery stores and business meetings.

Hope is a possibility that gives strength.

~ Krisztina Marshall ~

Why We Are Different

We address emotional eating and eating disorders with a holistic approach.

  • We do not diagnose, but, we accept new clients wherever they are at in their struggles.
  • We provide services for adults and children with their parents.
  • We emphasize on building and strengthening the mind and working towards the development of emotional well-being.
  • We work on gaining insight of what the root cause of the current behaviour, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.
  • We also address, face, and accept emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety.
  • We develop and practice coping skills that can be accessed in times of relapse.
  • We accept relapse as a part of the journey.
  • We take our sessions into “real life” environments such as restaurants, parties, grocery stores, and business meetings.
  • We provide support through workshops for other health and wellness practitioners, medical professionals (i.e. MD’s, ND’s, nutritionists, etc.), as well as parents and relatives.
  • Our aspiration is to help our clients achieve a profound understanding of their relationship with food and its effect on their lives, as well as an appreciation of what is necessary for their own personal recovery.
  • Our approach addresses the wide range of factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of emotional eating behaviour.