Krisztina Marshall is the Founder and CEO of Heemang Emotional Wellness (Heemang means Hope in the Korean language). She has over 15 years of experience providing Psychotherapy and Consultation for those who are struggling with Emotional Eating, Eating Disorders and Obesity. Krisztina is passionate about improving the quality of life of others.

Her story of how she battled and overcame an Eating Disorder is inspiring and can give many people hope. Krisztina has developed her own strategy to beat the ‘beast.’ Today her life is dedicated to helping others, and instilling hope in those who are held prisoners to Eating Disorders. With an Honours Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition, she is now incorporating nutrition in her practice. An engaging public speaker, Krisztina has also held workshops in countries across Europe and North America. She is a passionate blogger, and is currently working on two books that are soon to be published. A dedicated mother of 5 wonderful children, Krisztina hopes to inspire her clients to experience the possibility of a fully recovered life. She organized and facilitated the very first Eating Disorder Support Group in Vancouver and North Vancouver, Canada By engaging with the community, she continues to spread awareness and provide education on Eating Disorders.

Krisztina holds the following certifications :

  • - Master Practitioner in Eating Disorder and Obesity
  • - CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner)
  • - Psychotherapy & Consultation
  • - Eating Disorder and Obesity Practitioner
  • - Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
  • - NLP Coach and a writer
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