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Your health is our concern, not our business.
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- Krisztina Marshall
Founder & CEO of
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Recovery and Emotional Wellness

We all have our own unique meaning of recovery, some of which may include:

“I take a new step every day towards my goals;

even when I am scared, I will do it anyway!”

“I can put a halt to unwanted behaviours, and

can direct my thoughts on a more positive pathway.”

“I am ready to face new challenges

because I AM RECOVERED.”

“I no longer run away from my emotions.

I allow myself to recognize them and accept them.”

We do not claim to be healers; we would rather you see us as your guide.

We will be there to support you on your journey the whole way, but it must be you who takes the steps forward. Try to view this process as your own unique fight. It is our privilege and honour to be by your side and guide you to victory!

Once you choose hope, anything's possible.

~ Christopher Reeve ~


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