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Our Philosophy

Empower your mind.
Empower your life.

Our Therapeutic Approach

We practice without judgement.
We empower our clients so they no longer feel as though they are a puppet to their emotions.
We provide a Holistic approach, viewing body-mind-soul as one entity.
We combine holistic nutrition with mindful practices, as well as CBT and NLP.
We teach our clients how to connect with their bodies through self caring activities in their daily lives, such as yoga, dance, drawing, and candle-lit evenings….
We meet every client where they are in order to create an individualized care plan.
We provide our client with the necessary tools to be able to cope with whatever life may throw at them.
We develop realistic goals and give our clients the opportunity to try out what works in their personal situations the best.
We take our approach to the next level and we also hold our sessions in a “real world” environment.

Hope is a possibility that gives strength.

~ Krisztina Marshall ~

Why We Are Different

We address emotional eating and eating disorders with a holistic approach.

  • We provide services for adults and children with their parents.
  • We emphasize on building and strengthening the mind and working towards the development of emotional well-being.
  • We work on gaining insight of what the root cause of the current behaviour, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.
  • We also address, face, and accept emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety.
  • We develop and practice coping skills that can be accessed in times of relapse.
  • We accept relapse as a part of the journey.
  • We take our sessions into “real life” environments such as restaurants, parties, grocery stores, and business meetings.
  • We provide support through workshops for other health and wellness practitioners, medical professionals (i.e. MD’s, ND’s, nutritionists, etc.), as well as parents and relatives.
  • Our aspiration is to help our clients achieve a profound understanding of their relationship with food and its effect on their lives, as well as an appreciation of what is necessary for their own personal recovery.

Recovery and Emotional Wellness

We all have our own unique meaning of recovery, some of which may include:

  • “I no longer run away from my emotions. I allow myself to recognize them and accept them.”
  • “I take a new step every day towards my goals; even when I am scared, I will do it anyway!”
  • “I can put a halt to unwanted behaviours, and can direct my thoughts on a more positive pathway.”
  • “I am ready to face new challenges because I AM RECOVERED.”

We do not claim to be healers; we would rather you see us as your guide. We will be there to support you on your journey the whole way, but it must be you who takes the steps forward. Try to view this process as your own unique fight. It is our privilege and honour to be by your side and guide you to victory!

Once you choose hope, anything's possible.

~ Christopher Reeve ~

Children and Eating / Eating Disorders

I am a mother of 5 children. I am so thankful because, they not only eat, but enjoy nutritious food. Our children are the future, and it is critical that they develop a healthy relationship with food. To elaborate, I mean they must develop a balanced eating lifestyle so that they can enjoy parties and going out with friends; that they may go to school and make the food choices most beneficial to them.
Children develop their relationship with food within their close environment, through family, their school, and community. They will copy what they see, and pick up on the behaviours of those closest to them. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we pass down our relationships with food to our kids. How many times have we used sweets to soothe an upset child? This behaviour cultivates emotional eating habits; the more often we do this, the more rooted in their brains it becomes. Our children will no longer be able to address their emotions in a healthy way, if they are even able to recognize them in the first place. There is such a strong connection between our environment and the way we eat, the way we think, and the way we treat our bodies. Because of this, I put an emphasis on working with parents and caregivers whenever I am dealing with children. Sometimes we must work on the environment before addressing the eating behaviours. Without understanding this connection, not much work can be done.
During my work, I see how parents gain an insight into their own relationship with food and recognize their role in passing these on to their children. In order to help their children, it is often the case that parents must help themselves by starting on their own journey to developing a healthier relationship with food.

Care Plan For

We are here to help with:

  • Fussy eating
    Fussy eating
  • Restrictive eating
    Restrictive eating
  • Overeating and undereating
    Overeating and undereating
  • Not eating at all
    Not eating at all
  • Weaning
  • Transitioning between mashed food, finger food, and understanding food in social settings
    Transitioning between mashed food, finger food, and understanding food in social settings

History of Heemang

a photo of Krisztina Marshall a photo of Krisztina Marshall

Krisztina Marshallis the Founder and CEO of Heemang Emotional Wellness (Heemang is Korean for Hope). Providing Psychotherapy and Counselling for those who are struggling with emotional eating, eating disorders and Obesity. Krisztina is passionate about helping to improve the quality of life of others. Having suffered for more than 15 years from an eating disorder, Krisztina has much experience in dealing with the various aspects of this very serious disease. During her illness, she was told that she will never be free and that she was a hopeless case. However, with a strong willingness to find her way, Krisztina developed her own strategy to beat the ‘beast’. Upon her recovery, she made a promise to dedicate her life to deliver hope and help those who are held prisoner by eating disorders. Krisztina has just received Honours Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition. Now she is incorporating nutrition in her practise. Krisztina also engages in public speaking and held workshops in various countries within Europe. She set up the very first Eating Disorder Support Group in Vancouver and North Vancouver Canada, serving in the community is very dear to her heart. Krisztina is a passionate blogger; and currently working on two books that are soon to be published. She is a dedicated mother of 5 amazing children, and she hopes to inspire her clients to experience the possibility of a full recovery from their emotional eating and eating disorders.

Krisztina provides consultation at two locations in Downtown Vancouver and North Shore as well as online. She is certified :

  • - Master Practitioner in Eating Disorder and Obesity
  • - CNP
  • - Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • - Eating Disorder and Obesity Practitioner
  • - Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
  • - NLP Coach and a writer

She is a mother of 5 amazing children and currently lives with her loving and supportive husband in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Professional Membership and Insurance for Every Therapist 100% Certified Natural Therapist MEMBER Greater Vancouver Board of trade MEMBER 2017 - 2018

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